According to, in 2015 there were around 263 million vehicles registered in the United States. And their number is on the rise one year to the other. Needless to say that the struggle to find a parking space near your home under these circumstances is a daily grind. There is also a shrinking factor when it comes to parking spaces outside our homes. We are often times forced to leave our cars many streets away from our home addresses. And when we need to reach an important destination on time, we need to leave at least half an hour earlier, to make sure we will find parking and not run late.

If you are looking forward to drop by and indulge yourself in a relaxing yoga class, our doors are wide open for you. Find us across the street from Hakim and the Royal Lepage office. You’ll be glad to know that there is free parking behind the building. Want to learn more about it?

Why Choose Our Free Parking Lot?

While the free factor will ponder heavily for a lots of people when searching for parking spaces, some would argue that “free” usually means “less safe”. Nevertheless, our free parking lot that is accessible from Green St. will save you the trouble of having to drive around endlessly, trying to find a space to park. You can also find extra parking spaces in the lot East of Pizza Pizza, since the two properties belong to the same owner. You can opt for any of these parking lots, as they are closer than the pay and display lot on Green Street. You will get immediate access to your car as soon as our yoga class will be over and you will not have to waste any extra time reaching your vehicle.

How To Make Sure Your Car Is Safe In Any Parking

  • Prevent your vehicle from being broken into or stolen by never leaving it in a vulnerable situation;

  • If you are driving an older model of a car, the chances of having it stolen or broken into are higher. These cars either have rare parts that can be quickly sold at chop shops, or their locks are simple to pick with the most rudimentary tools. Usually, car thieves will make a master key using modified keys form older models of cars and use them to get access to numerous cars.

  • This is one of main reasons why it is a good idea to always aim for secured parking lots or parking garages. The security enforcement there is often times worth the extra money.

  • If you cannot find a secured parking lot, you can still do things to secure your parked car. For starters, always locks the doors and double check to see if you did it.

  • Park in well-lit areas with a lot of foot traffic so potential thieves cannot spend a great deal of time trying to gain access to your car.

  • Talk to an authorized automotive locksmith like the guys at who specializes in your car’s make and model and ask them to reinforce all locks, fix any faults they might find in them, re-program your transponder key if necessary, cut duplicate keys, install an alarm and/or steering wheel locks, or fix the jammed ignition.

  • Close all windows and the sunroof, and only leave a windows cracked open enough so a thief will not be able to squeeze their fingers onto the top and pull it down.