Private Sessions

1 hr for $75, 30 minutes for $40.

Arms & Abs Class

This class focuses on strengthening the core and the upper body using light weights.


Chisel: Hips, Buns, Bellies Class

This class focuses on sculpting your hips, buns and thighs while flattening your belly and strengthening your core.

Detox/De-stress Flow

For Anxiety and Stress Relief- These classes emphasize reducing stress in the body, focusing on the breath and twists to release toxins from the body, to refresh the blood supply and to energize your soul. These are great classes for those with high stress situations, and those looking to ward off anxiety and depression.


Gentle Yoga

These classes focus on strengthening and lengthening through the body, creating space in the spinal column, focusing on breathing, relaxing, and rejuvenating the body.


Hatha Yoga

These classes focus on yang style yoga. These classes help to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, maintain muscle mass and bone density, while making the muscles longer and leaner. You will find you have less stress, anxiety and are better able to cope with the stressors of daily life. These classes are suitable for beginners and those who have been practicing regularly.


Restorative Yoga

This class focuses on relaxing the body using supported stretching. We use blocks, bolsters and blankets to open up and relax the muscles and joints of the body for the ultimate in relaxation without feeling the stretch. A great way to unwind and relax.

Yin/Restorative/Yoga Nidra Class

This is a combination class. We spend some time doing Yin Yoga, then restorative, then ending with Yoga Nidra. The ultimate in relaxation. It is said that 20 minutes of yoga nidra is as restful and restorative as 4 hours of sleep. Come and check it out!


Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, floor postures such as Frog, Pigeon, and Bound Angle are held from one to 10 minutes. The effect of gravity, over time, stretches and compresses the denser tissues, pushing out toxins, pulling in nutrients, and tugging on the joints, bones and fascia (connective tissue), especially in the spine, low back, hips, and thighs. Relaxing the muscles allows the joints to stretch toward their complete range of motion.
The result is greater ease of motion with less effort. We feel more relaxed and lighter when we free up adhesions and “gluing” that solidify the fascia, due to aging, injury, and lifestyle. And yes, we may even become taller as our alignment and the denser tissues respond to stretching. We feel more comfortable at the core, because the fascia that fasten the body together and the ligaments that link the bones are hydrated


Yoga Fit

These classes are a Level 2. They are a faster paced, continuous movement class to help get the heart rate up, and benefit from the strengthening and lengthening, leaning benefits of yoga without making the muscles short and rigid. This is best described as a Yoga Aerobics class! A great class. Check it out! This class will boost your metabolism, burn fat and build muscle and burn up to 500 calories in one class.