Originally I began yoga to aid in weight loss, but without realizing it I began a journey from which I have never turned back.  It became abundantly clear that the more yoga I did, the more benefits I saw.  My mind became more clear and focused, my patience grew, and I learned who I truly was.

We discover ourselves on the mat.  We see how easily we give up, how hard we try, how much energy we bring to yoga and to life.  Do not misunderstand this with hurting yourself by pushing too hard, but by not giving up just because something may be challenging, because we may believe we cannot do something without trying.

The health benefits are endless.  And best of all, yoga is for everyone.  Regardless of age, or physical limitations, there are yoga practices for all.  Some of the very best yogis are in their late 60’s and 70’s. With continued practice, you continue to progress, defying the aging process, through detoxification, through maintaining balance and muscle loss that depletes with age.  That is why I called my studio Fountain of Youth, for that is what yoga is.  To share this great benefit, I keep my prices low to allow everyone the opportunity to experience what yoga has to offer them!




Yoga initially became another way to spend time with my wife as we have always enjoyed being active together. Once I began practicing yoga I noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and posture. I injured myself far less and found that it improved my running. I used to experience back pain almost daily but with continued practice find that this is rare. It is my opinion that absolutely anyone can benefit from a regular yoga practice. I would suggest 2-3 classes per week for maximum results. Yoga is not just for physical activity and strengthening, it is about taking care of your body as a single unit.




I was never much of an athlete growing up. My yoga journey, which began over five years ago, has profoundly changed my life, both on and off the mat. I credit yoga with helping me to learn a sense of play and give me confidence in what my body can do. I hope to share this feeling of wonder with my students. I always encourage students to explore new territory and challenge their perceptions of their own abilities.




 The start of my yoga jourkellyney began after a year of change; new husband, new home, new job and new health issues. Intially, I started to do yoga to get active again and deal with the stress of starting a new job. What I thought would be a mainly physical change, quickly became something that I carry with me in every area of life. Yoga has taught me not just about myself, but also about others. I have been teaching in some context for the last 14 years. I started as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, before moving on to become a secondary teacher and guidance counsellor. My favourite part of teaching is the energy that is created when someone does something that they previously believed they couldn’t. I strongly believe that growth shouldn’t always be comfortable but should always be fun and full of laughs.